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Mr. Shawn Denning, Jr

Board President


I am a lifelong resident of our town and a married father with two children.  The son of an Ocean Township Policeman, I was taught early on to use my abilities to serve the people.  Since I was a teen, I have volunteered countless hours with the Municipal Alliance at events such as the "Friday Night Dances", "Haunted Hayride", etc.  As a young professional, I served on the Ocean Township Board of Health, the Waretown First Aid, and the Ocean Township Zoning Board.
As a father of two daughters, I am dedicated to seeing our district succeed.  I have had the pleasure and privilege of attending our district and I remain thankful for all of the opportunities it has afforded me.  One of my main goals and priorities as a board member is to maintain the opportunities and atmosphere that has led to the success of countless students, as well as myself.
I am passionate about education, the environment, eliminating waste, and maintaining our unique way of life.  I strive to foster an environment of excellence, and value evidence-based practices.  When addressing issues, I examine and consider all aspects of the problem to gain the understanding of each stakeholder's point of view.  I strongly believe final decisions must be based off all available information.
I am currently working on a Doctorate of Nursing Practice at Stockton University.  I am also an adjunct Professor of Nursing at Stockton University for the past 5 years.  Professionally, I am an Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner for a practice in Toms River.  I have also been an Ocean Township Board of Education member since 2015.
Working in medicine, as well as educating at the University level, has given me the unique understanding of the value of education as well as its economic benefits.  I believe my role as a board member is to achieve balance between the needs of the community and the needs of our students and staff.  It takes a village to raise and educate children.  I am focused on coordinating the efforts required to provide the support and resources needed to accomplish our goal of providing the next generation with the knowledge and tools to become successful adults.