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Share Tables

Ocean Township School District: New Sustainability Initiative

Ocean Township schools are proud to announce our participation in a new sustainability initiative. “Share Tables” allow uneaten, sealed food and drinks, sold by the cafeteria, to be redistributed to students, rather than disposed in the garbage. Students can contribute their uneaten food to the designated area in the cafeteria after breakfast and lunch periods. Students will be permitted to eat the shared food as needed; student allergies (as filed with the school nurse) will be monitored by the main office. Recognizing that students are wasting much of the food placed on their cafeteria trays, “Share Tables” are encouraged by both the Federal and State governments to help eliminate this waste; check out these WebPages for more information:

Or look at the fun video we'll use to explain this new program to our students:

Please contact the Main Office at your child’s school if you have any questions or concerns.